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  • Receive 1% from every bet in Standard (Non-Equal Odds) Roulette games, coming up to about 37% Revenue Share;
  • Receive 50% Revenue Share from the house fee amount in Equal Odds games;
  • Receive 1% from every winning casino bet in Standard (Non-Equal Odds) games;
Gambling Platforms Revenue Share
Standard Roulette games 37%
Standard games 1% from every casino winning bet
Equal Odds games 50% from house fee

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BetVoyager is a name you can trust. Over the years BetVoyager has earned a reputation of being an honest and trustworthy online casino. Players’ deposits are completely safe, and players' personal information is stored confidentially;


Make use of the casino’s wide selection of games and get rewarded for players’ BOTH wins AND losses, a unique offer by BetVoyager casino.


BetVoyager has many unique features allowing affiliates to attract players easily and keep them going for a long time;


Revenue is calculated and credited to affiliates' accounts on a daily basis;


Withdrawals are processed immediately upon request, within short time frames;


The affiliate will receive his share from each player brought to the site for a duration of 5 years.


BetVoyager provides a wide range of analytics to our affiliate program members. These may be used to easily track new sign-ups, deposits and revenue earned.


BetVoyager is mobile friendly, so our partners can rest assured that mobile players will have a good experience at the casino wherever they are.



The BetVoyager Affiliate Program is a unique program, just like most of the offers in the BetVoyager portal. The BetVoyager Affiliate program gives affiliates an opportunity to earn revenue from the players’ activity across all BetVoyager’s gambling platforms. BetVoyager, while providing rake free poker and casino games with no house edge, now offers a unique Affiliate Program.

The unique aspect of the BetVoyager Affiliate Program lies in the fact that affiliates receive their earnings not only from a player’s losses but from a player's winnings as well. This gives an affiliate the opportunity to side with the player while sharing a common interest in winning, as opposed to hoping for a loss. This way, the players and affiliates will both benefit from winning.

The percentage of revenue share earned through the BetVoyager affiliate program is not based on the number of players referred to the website, nor on the amount of their deposits. All the affiliates have the same revenue share of 50% from the portal's house fee. BetVoyager provides equal terms to all affiliates, just like it does for all the players across BetVoyager’s platforms and gambling games.

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