An Affiliate is an individual or company that is registered on the BetVoyager.com site and has entered correct information, agreed with the Terms of Participation in the Affiliate Program, and completely follows the Terms of Participation in the Affiliate Program.

Affiliate links are unique URLs that BetVoyager has generated specifically for the Affiliate. We will track the work done by the Affiliate through this unique link for the duration of the term of the Agreement and will send the Affiliate compensation.

A Player is a person that is registered on the BetVoyager site through the affiliate link.

Deposit is money transferred by the player to a playing account on the BetVoyager portal.

Affiliate Compensation is the affiliate's income which is formed on the basis of a player's gambling results. It is designed solely on the data from the BetVoyager Portal.

Net winning in equal offers — net winnings in casino games without house edge.

Rights And Obligations

The BetVoyager portal is obliged to send to the Affiliate's playing account the required compensation according to the house fee assessed by the BetVoyager portal. The size of the payment will be determined on the basis of the BetVoyager portal data that is received through data transmitted by the Affiliate link.

The BetVoyager portal can change any of the conditions contained in this Agreement at any time at its own discretion, and publish a new Agreement on the BetVoyager site. The new rules will be highlighted in red within one month from the date of the change. For the duration of 5 years, the income from the players that affiliates will receive will be counted from the moment a player registers at BetVoyager regardless of future changes that may occur.

The BetVoyager portal reserves the right to cancel an agreement with an affiliate if he does not meet the terms and conditions of the portal. BetVoyager can also change the working relationship with the affiliate in its sole discretion. Finally, BetVoyager reserves the right to have individual agreements with each separate affiliate.

The BetVoyager portal reserves the right to cancel this Agreement if it decides that the affiliate's site is inappropriate. Inappropriate sites are sites geared to minors under 18 years old, display child pornography or other illegal sexual acts, encourage violence or discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, nationality, physical handicap, sexual orientation, age, encourage illegal behavior, violate intellectual property laws, or violate laws of the country where the site is located or other laws.

An affiliate can at any time request withdrawal of compensation from his account on the BetVoyager portal. Such a request will be handled according to the standard terms regarding withdrawals. There is no commission taken from an affiliate's compensation. However, BetVoyager does not in this case compensate for payment system commissions and other funds accumulated using bonuses and promotions.

The standard terms and conditions of BetVoyager are extended on an Affiliate's account.

An Affiliate may only use marketing tools approved by the BetVoyager portal (banners, icons, screenshots, text, html-code, etc.) and may not change them without prior approval by the portal. Affiliates may only use marketing tools from the special page of marketing tools on the BetVoyager site (this page will be accessible after approval of one of the affiliate's sites).

An affiliate can use the newsletters via email only on these conditions:

  • Below the email, there should be a definite indication on how to unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list.
  • The email should contain the name of the site or company name.
  • The newsletter should not be sent to minors under 18 years of age.
  • The newsletter should only be sent to the players who willingly subscribed to it.
  • BetVoyager Portal is against spam and that is why excessive newsletter emails send outs will result in a ban from the Affiliate Program.

Neither the affiliate, nor family, nor friends of the affiliate can make deposits through the affiliate link, directly or indirectly, for personal use, or in order to illegally raise the amount of compensation.


Calculation of the affiliate compensation amount occurs automatically (based exclusively on data in the BetVoyager system, through an accounting of data generated from the affiliate link) beginning from when the administration approves registering the affiliate to the moment that the affiliate compensation is calculated.

Instant Payments! Commission from standard odds casino games is paid from each bet a player makes regardless if he wins or loses. Compensation for Equal Odds games is 25% from the players’ losses, has a negative carryover, and is accumulated daily but paid out monthly. Affiliates get affiliate compensation for new players who sign up using an Affiliate code and make at least one real money transfer into their gaming account. New players shall mean customers who do not yet have, and have not had an account on our web resources. If a player activates bonuses, then the commission from the game during bonus game activation period is not paid. On standard odds games commission is tallied hourly and rounded down to the nearest euro cent.

Affiliate compensation is sent after the player withdraws his net winnings in standard games. The affiliate is paid during the time span of a couple of hours after the player closes his game session.

A "bet" is either a total bet per spin, a deal or one round in a game. The affiliate commission is rounded down to a cent value. From the income of the affiliate, there will be a preliminary commission deduction from the payment systems and Chargebacks.

The affiliate receives his income from the player during the span of 5 years from the moment the player registers on BetVoyager.

CPA is paid on a monthly basis only for players who made their first deposit in the reporting period and whose account is active at the time of the calculation. CPA will not be paid for players who's account is blocked before the end of the reporting period by their personal request or for any other reasons.

Compensation will not be paid if the player that fulfilled the condition already had a playing account on the portal, if the portal has grounds to believe that the playing account belongs to the affiliate, or if the player's deposit was rolled back by the payment system.

Terms And Termination Notice Period

This agreement will remain in force until termination. The BetVoyager portal or an affiliate can terminate this agreement for any reason with notice through the internal mail system. From that moment, all the new players will not be counted through the affiliates' links. The players who registered on BetVoyager before the termination of the agreement will still count and the affiliates will be compensated within 5 years from the day of registration.

If BetVoyager has any legitimate reasons to suspect that an affiliate is fraudulently trying to scam the portal for his benefits, the affiliate can be banned from the program. In this case, BetVoyager reserves the right to not compensate the affiliate.

Confidential Information

In the Affiliate Program, the affiliate will be exposed to confidential information in regards to the business, technologies and promotions of this program (including the amount of an affiliate's income). The affiliate should agree to avoid disclosing any unauthorized confidential information to any third parties without a written agreement from the portal. All of the obligations regarding confidential information will remain in force until the agreement is terminated.

Technical Failures

BetVoyager does not guarantee their system will be an error free operation. However, if an error occurs, it will be fixed as soon as possible by the technical department. BetVoyager reserves the right to carry out preventive operations with partial or complete suspension of operations. If by any chance the affiliates' income was statistically calculated incorrectly, BetVoyager reserves the right to correct these errors, by thoroughly checking the problem at their own expense.

Force Majeure

According to this agreement, neither party is held responsible for a delayed payment or unfinished duty in regards to: strikes, riots, fires, floods, storms, explosions, war, natural disasters, earthquakes, governmental actions, labor conditions or any other legitimate reason that is beyond our control for either party.

By enrolling in BetVoyager' affiliate program, the affiliate confirms that he read the agreement and fully accepts the terms of this agreement.

We recommend the affiliates to check up on this agreement at least once a month for any changes or alterations.

Payouts to new affiliates or affiliates whose players demonstrate suspicious activity may be delayed by the Affiliate Program Management by an amount of time deemed necessary to conduct a check on the traffic source. If by the time of the first payout an Affiliate has less than 5 players, an additional check may be necessary. The Affiliate program obligates to pay out relevant commission on all the programs given that the Affiliate maintains the program's requirements and obligations and does not cause any financial or reputational damage to the Affiliate Program and the Affiliate program's projects.

If you have additional questions about our Terms And Conditions please do not hesitate to contact us via private message.