Keep generating traffic and we will make sure that they will stay with us! You will automatically receive Revenue Share Daily regardless of the number of players you refer to our website.

BetVoyager has two types of games: standard, which have a traditional casino house edge and equal odds games, which have no house edge during gameplay. A partner commission is calculated differently for every game.

  • Receive 1% from every bet in Standard (Non-Equal Odds) games, equivalent to about 27% Revenue Share;
  • Receive 25% Revenue Share from the Equal Odds games
Gambling Platforms Revenue Share
Standard games 27%
Equal Odds games 25%

BetVoyager has two types of games: standard games, where the games have a built-in house edge, and unique games, where there is no house fee and the player has a true 50/50 chance to win during gameplay. However, when the session ends, a small commission is taken from any winnings the player accumulated.


In order to have daily payouts, Betvoyager does not pay a revenue share from the player's losses, but rather from each bet the player makes. This way, when a player ends his game session, all calculations are made from all his bets (winning and losing) and the affiliate receives a 1% commission from the sum of the bets, which is equivalent to 27% of traditional Revenue Share.

Thanks to this system, affiliates can earn money from each of their players daily.


For equal odds games we have a traditional Revenue share system. The affiliate earns 25% from the net casino winnings.

Payouts happen once a month, at the beginning of each month. If during the month the players accumulate a negative balance, it carries over to the next month (for equal odds games only).

Affiliates will receive their share of earnings for every player referred to BetVoyager for the duration of 5 years.

BetVoyager makes sure that all payments are processed within a short time period. Additionally, affiliates are given a wide range of payment systems to choose from. The earnings are transferred to the playing account, from which an affiliate can withdraw their earnings to the payment system of their choice, in accordance with payment rules regarding money withdrawals.

Since BetVoyager develops its own platforms that are unique in the gambling world, affiliates have plenty to offer to their players. The necessary marketing materials: banners, text links, free demo games and other features have already been prepared for our affiliates to use. And affiliates can always contact a manager who will assist the affiliate in developing marketing materials for his particular site.